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See Green instead of Red. A reality for every 12th man and every 200th woman.

Color vision deficiencies and color blindness are too much ignored in our society. We inform and advocate for those affected.

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4 Farbrollen, die jeweils einen grünen, roten, orangen und blauen Streifen malen. Dieses ist ebenfalls das Titelbild von Farbsehschwaeche in den Sozialen Medien. is the website of the Association of Color Vision Deficient and Color-Blind. We are an association based in Germany that educates about color vision deficiencies in German-speaking countries and advocates for the interests of those affected.

With this English version of our site we would like to offer translations of selected articles and topics.

Simulation info

A simulation does not represent the complete reality of affected people.
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Normal vision
Normal vision
Credit: McCutcheon

Simulation of color vision deficiency.

Every 12 th Man suffers from color vision deficiency.

Every 200 th Women is affected by color vision deficiency.

„There is quite a need for action [...] where the needs are recognized [...] and action is taken according to those needs. It doesn't exclude anyone, but it brings more people in.“

Kim from the podcast "Weserfunk" in the "Weserfunk Mixed Zone" on the topic of color vision deficiencies


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